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NOTE:   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This service and product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  No claims as to the effectiveness of the ARRC LED EDGE are made by Polar Cryotherapy.  All of the cited research is based on studies posted from the NIH Pubmed website. The purpose of highlighting these studies is to eliminate manufacturer skewed claims and biases.  This is research only and not meant to be specific claims for the ARRC LED.

THE STATEMENTS BELOW HAVE NOT YET EVALUATED BY FDA.  The testimonials are not meant to be claims as to the effectiveness of this system for any condition.  Polar Cryotherapy and The ARRC LED make no claims that any subject will receive similar benefits, or any benefits at all.    

Testimonials source ARRC LED (https://arrcled.com/testimonials/)

(1)    DIABETES:   Pre-treatment condition – 82 year old diabetic in a wheel chair on oxygen.  Blood sugar levels in the high 300’s to low 400’s.  Subject was closely monitored by his medical Dr.  2 PBM sessions – insulin reduced as BS dropped to 125  4 PBM  sessions – client was taken off of insulin in 4 sessions (two weeks) by his doctor (blood sugar at 107), is getting out of wheel chair and much more active. 

See Pubmed Research on PBM and Diabetes.   

(2)    POST-SURGERY:  67 year old attorney Pre-treatment condition – just completed knee replacement surgery.  13 Days/ 6 Sessions  After 4 sessions in 10 days subject had 97 degree flexion, was off his walker (from his Doctor ‘I do about 600 of these a year, this doesn’t happen’).  After 13 days and 6 sessions, he was released from physical therapy “they kicked me out of therapy”  (24 PT sessions over 90 days prescribed – cut to 5)  Client said he doing other knee now due to accelerated recovery (see pubmed research on wound healing). 

(3)    ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE:  Mr South Africa (body builder)  “My energy is crazy.  My training partners think I am on steroids.”  Similar results reported by professional body builders, including ‘Mr. Chicago’ and competitive athletes.  See research on side effect free Performance Benefits of PBM.  Multiple pro body builders report reduced muscular fatigue and increased reps prior to failure. which matches studies which suggest (1) increased single rep max (2) increased reps prior to failure and (3) increased reps per given time frame when treated pre-competition.

(4)    SPORTS RECOVERY:  “Mike – my resting heart rate dropped from 56 to 48, my female staff member’s VHT went from 110 down to 70.  I did a triple at my personal best on the squat without any training to reach my max – I know my body, that never happens.”  These results reported after 2 weeks of using the system.

(5)    CHRONIC PAIN:  “My client was crying – her hair hurt so bad she couldn’t sleep.  2 sessions and pain is down from a 9 to a 1.”  Owner speaks about shingles client.  Multiple shingles and fibromyalgia clients report reduction in pain, improved mobility and sleep.

(6)    NEUROPATHY:  “Steve, this is the first time in years I have been able to feel the difference between a carpeted floor and a wood floor.”  Neuropathy client after 1 session of green/IR.  8 previous sessions of Red/IR created a tingling in the leg, and seemed to stop the progression of neuropathy, but after 1 session of Green/IR, feeling returned to leg.

(7)    INFLAMMATION:  “My skin has never looked better and not sure if this is a placebo, but the arthritis in my hands seems to be gone.”  50+ Former female gymnast.  See Video’s from Dr Perricone on PBM’s affects on skintone

(8)   MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURY:    “I tore my arch in football 35 years ago and it has always bothered me.  Now after my Peak Eight Sessions running stairs (I am a 220 pound 57 yr old) I can walk around without soreness in my foot, or my body…in fact I can get back and work out again the same day now, whereas before, HIT on stairs would have me limping for days.”   Several report performance benefits from doing sessions as a tool to improve workouts.

(9)    BRAIN INJURY:   “I don’t know what you did, but my son is a changed man – his depression has lifted and his mind is clearer.” Pretreatment condition:   Hamstring and lower back issues from football for high school football player.   3 PBM Sessions  The mother later told owner that her son had several concussions from football and was depressed and had a lot of brain fog.  Again, the intention was hamstring pull and lower back pain.  Several studies suggest LED can influence brain injuries.   See Video from Harvard/Stanford/Mass Gen researchers on PBM affects on TBI and Alzheimer’s

(10)   OSTEONECROSIS:  Pretreatment condition:    Professional referee was told by his doctor that his hip bone was dying.  10 weeks of PBM Sessions:  After a weekend refereeing 5 games, he went back in for another set of X-rays.  The doctor asked him to come back in as soon as possible to ask him what was going on…“my doctor couldn’t believe it, my hip bone was regenerating growth.”  

(11)   CHRONIC PAIN:  "I am in my early fifties, and suffer from joint and muscle pain caused from multiple injuries, physical work, as well as nerve damage pain in my leg and foot . The pain had caused so much discomfort that I had gone from living an active lifestyle to sitting with heat, ice and medication to deal with the discomfort. As a result from the pain and lack of mobility I had gained 30 pounds, and felt hopeless to feel better. Before I was halfway through the treatment plan I experienced dramatic results. I felt so much better, with a change in attitude as the discomfort started to dissipate. I began walking more and the desire to sit and eat went away with the pain and discomfort. After 6 sessions I had lost 1 inch in my thigh, 1/4 inch in my knee, and 1/2 inch in my calve and to top it off I had lost pounds!"

(12)  FIBROMYALGIA:    "My intent in exploring alternative therapy was to address a long-standing Fibromyalgia issue. In recent years I have experienced increasingly painful rheumatoid arthritis (both hands and one foot), depression accompanied by brain fog, which translates to little comprehension involving everyday conversation. Traditional medicine translated to more pills of increasing dosages. Therefore, I was open to alternative treatment.

I presented with muscle pain, burning sensations in both shoulders, back and neck areas. Joint pain: stiff knees, ankles and fingers. I couldn’t shake hands, open jars, bottles, pick up objects and often cringed at being touched. Fatigue was a daily occurrence. I slept 10 hours or more a night but not restfully and, often, fell asleep sitting on the sofa.

After one session I felt less lethargic and very relaxed. With each ensuing treatment I felt better with all of the previously disclosed symptoms less severe. Relief lasted for months. I felt like a happier person. I was able to do without another session for seven months. Then, I began to regress. I am now nearing the end of eight 12-minute sessions. I am not saying all my aches and pains are gone but I do feel much better.”

(13)   CROSSFIT:   “I started using PBM after months of knee irritation left me unable to squat. I also injured my neck and a Cat Scan indicated that my chronic neck pain was due to a slightly herniated disk in my cervical spine. For the next month, I started noticing that the excruciating pain I felt on a day to day basis that hindered me from doing certain movements in CrossFit, started declining the more I did the threapy. Not only was I noticing a decrease in pain, but I noticed an overall improvement in my recovery from workouts, and I was starting to receive a deeper night’s sleep. Just after 6 weeks I hit a 10# PR on my Clean and Jerk at 315#, a number that I thought was untouchable due to my neck and knee pain. I’m now able to squat and do many other movements pain-free, just in time for the CrossFit Open.”

(14)  CROSSFIT:   “Recently I competed in the 2016 Texas Shootout, a large CrossFit competition.  2 weeks prior to the competition, I decided to try Whole Body Light Therapy. I came in for treatment every 3 days for those 2 weeks (5 sessions). Each time I received treatment, I would notice an increase in my performance during my next training session. The most impactful difference I noticed was after my 5th treatment. That was the morning of my competition. The entire day I felt fresh and ready to go. Normally at these competitions, my legs would begin to feel fatigued and stiff after 1-2 events. But on this particular day, I felt great after all 4 events. Even the next morning (when I would be sore that it would feel like I had been hit by a truck), I felt fine and was able to go about my day business as usual. I did not change my training leading up to the competition, the only thing I added to my normal schedule were the light treatments. So I know for sure, it was the light treatment that helped me reach the podium at this event.”




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